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Art has always been the love of my life. Anyone who knows me knew that I was someone who adored drawing, loved vibrant colors, and cherished making things. Being creative has forever been a daily goal of mine because I think it is important for people to hold onto their true imaginations instead of letting others discourage them from being their original selves. I believe that our dreams encourage us to achieve the unbelievable and give us hope and strength to build towards tomorrow with optimism and determination, but as we live, sometimes we stumble upon aspirations we never knew we might gain. I was the youngest grandchild of my late grandparents, Ruth and Tommie Paschall.

Their house was my favorite place in the world to visit.

I usually spent most of my time hanging with my granny. She was like my best friend, wherever she was I was not too far behind. I called her almost every day and visited her probably every week. But as you get older, time presses on and things change. Around the age of 10, I noticed a difference in my Granny’s behavior. She was still her lovable self, but she was more absent-minded. I did not understand what was happening to her, I just thought it was due to her old age. Little did I know her mind was being wiped from all her memories.

As time progressed, she became more forgetful. It later got to the point where we were forced to place her in a senior living facility because she started to become violent and overwhelmingly uncontrollable. About 2 years later, my granny was released from the living facility and was able to move back into her house with the assistance of a home nurse, her niece. Through living facilities and her coming back home, I always visited her because I never knew when the Lord would call her home.


On Mother’s Day 2014, I visited her. I was up all night making her a special card even though she was unable to read it or understand what it was. Later that night we received a call from my aunt saying that granny was having multiple seizures. Because I had school the next day, I was unable to visit the hospital with my mother, but I saw her the following day. The whole family was sitting in the waiting room, waiting for her to be out of ICU. Finally, she was released back to her room where she was hooked up to a breathing machine. It was painful to see her that way, but I was praying she would make it.

About a week later she was admitted to hospice care. When I visited her, she would mostly be awake or half-sleep. On Sunday we visited her, and she did not seem like herself. She seemed tired or lethargic.  Before we left, something told me to give her a big hug, a kiss, and to tell her I love her. The next day, June 9th, 2014 my grandmother passed away from 6 years of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 

"My heart felt empty, but that day changed me forever.
She became the main reason for doing something great. I wanted to help others feel loved and appreciated in my own way as she did. At the age of 17, I started my first business called Ruthie Mae Creations. What started as a love for arts and crafts turned into a lifestyle. A movement. A future legacy. It became and still remains my day-to-day reminder of just how important it is to show others kindness, love, and compassion because some people are not as fortunate."

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I created this company not only in memory of my grandmother but because I love making people genuinely smile. I love watching people appreciate something that I took time and effort to create just for them. In the bigger picture, I want to help rebuild my community. I want to invest in others and give people an opportunity to reach their dreams like me. And because I’m so passionate about my talents and I have so many amazing ideas for my city, I believe that others will support my vision because of my true love for being innovative and creative.


Our Values

Keep God First

Be Bold & Creative


Consistency: Trust the Vision 

It Takes A TEAM to Raise A DREAM



is to spread the love of giving
with great efforts
and influencing others to be
in their daily life & in their community.



With high-quality and meaningful creations, we strive to encourage love, compassion, and appreciation through gifts made by hand and designed with you in mind.


CEO & HEAD Designer


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To create a world that simply shows what love feels like.