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Greeting Cards.

Mother's Day

Sunday, May 9th

It is more than just a simple greeting card.
It is a quick “I love you.” when you can or can’t be there physically.
It is an “I was just thinking of you.” It is a reminder of just how you feel on the inside.


What better way to break the ice?

Tropical Leaves




Artboard 681.png
Artboard 682.png
Twinkly Lights


& Confetti

Champagne Bottle




Artboard 683.png

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu

Artboard 627.png

Always Made With Love.

I love the beautiful keepsake cards created by Ruthie Mae Creations. I am a repeat customer and order these affordable, unique works of art year-round. My mother always comments about how beautiful they are when I give them to her on Mother’s Day and her birthday. And, they can be customized to illustrate the personality and interests of the recipient. Great customer service and one of a kind artistry. 
Love, Love, Love Ruthie Mae’s Creations!!!!!

Petula Guice | HAMPTON, GA

I absolutely love Ruthie Mae Creations! I've received three cards and each time I got one, they brightened up my day! This card I loved. It was very touching and thoughtful.

Alma Peterson | PEACHTREE CITY, GA

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When I received my very first custom made RMC birthday card, I was overjoyed! I could tell a lot of hard work, creativity, and time went into this card. It meant so much to me than some mundane Hallmark Card that anyone could find anywhere. This is something that was made specifically for me and it feels great to know that nobody else has the same one as I do. If you are looking for something unique, original, and meaningful, an RMC handmade card is the perfect way to go!

Keyera Paschal | REIDSVILLE, NC


We vow to encourage and invigorate our community. We will bring innovation and value to the greeting card industry while helping others spread love, care for their neighborhood, and aspire to think creatively.


CEO, Myah Simone

Atlanta, Georgia


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