I am a human. 

I am an embodiment of love and I deserve happiness.

My smile has the power to brighten up a whole room.

My confidence exudes through my skin and it grows heavily.

My heart is pure and full of joy. God loves me and I love him because

he chose to create me. I love everything about me. The good and the bad because
it equals a whole lot of me.


why greeting cards?

Getting a greeting card in the mail can be such a special feeling.
It can be subtle yet so impactful. It's a gesture that's so small yet so pure it can be the highlight of anyone's day. Cards express so much love to those who deserve it. They give voices to people who don't know how to express gratitude or affection. They give joy to those who might've felt forgotten or lonely. They caress those who've felt sad or need kind words. For me, it's always been more than just a simple greeting card.
It's the power of kindness and thoughtfulness sealed in an envelope.