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          I was the last of 13 grandchildren. The first person to come see me when I was born was my grandmother on my mom’s side. Our relationship developed from the moment she held me. I was born in the late 90’s and there weren’t too many electronic devices circling the earth around that time so we had to make our own fun. When I grew up a little more and could walk and talk, I hung over my granny’s house almost 24/7. We always had a daily routine; she was up at about 7:00 AM making pancakes, we’d head out to a couple of markets, then to the mall for Chick-Fil-A and to throw pennies in the fountain. I loved spending time with granny but I was too young to realize how fortunate I was to have such fun, loving and awesome grandparents.



      Around the age of 10, I began to notice a difference in my Granny’s behavior. She was still her lovable self but she was more forgetful. It later got to the point where we were forced to place her in a senior living facility because she started to become violent and overwhelmingly uncontrollable. About 2 years later, my granny was released from the living facility and was able to move back into her house with the assistance of a home nurse, her niece. Through living facilities and her coming back home, I always visited her because I never knew when the Lord would call her home. Mother’s Day 2014, I visited her. I was up all night making her a special card even though she was unable to read it or understand what it was. Later that night we received a call from my aunt saying that granny was having multiple seizures. Because I had school the next day, I was unable to visit the hospital with my mother but I saw her the following day. The whole family sitting in the waiting room, waiting for her to be out of ICU. Finally, she was released back to her room where she was hooked up to a breathing machine. It was painful to see her that way but I was praying she’d make it. About a week later she was admitted to hospice care. When I visited her she’d mostly be awake or half sleep. One Sunday we visited her and she didn’t seem like herself. She seemed tired or lethargic.  Before we left, something told me to give her a big hug, a kiss and to tell her I love her. The next day, June 9th, 2014 my grandmother passed away from 6 years of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.absent-minded. I didn’t understand what was happening to her, I just thought it was due to her old age. Little did I know her mind was being wiped from all her memories. As time progressed, she became


          My grandmother was both my best friend and my biggest role model. I was influenced by her generosity, her continuous happiness and her effort to help others in need. She was never too busy to donate her time if it was needed. She always believed in me and my many talents but I was too young to see the dream. She always did whatever she needed to do to see her thirteen grandchildren be successful. After she passed away, I felt that it was my duty as the youngest grandchild, to not let her down. So I used her as motivation to push myself to reach mine. And because she had a part in me becoming who I am today, I named my business in memory of her.




          Ruthie Mae Creations was founded in 2015 and since then I’ve been bringing the best selection of products and merchandise to my customers. I started making Homemade cards when I was about 13 years old. Over time I've been perfecting and critiquing my work. My cards are unique in every way and are made with love. I always enjoy the smiles and jaw drops I get from people when they see them because it makes me feel happy that I could've possibly brightened someone's day. It means I’ve done my job right.

- Myah Simone 

CEO and Founder

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